Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Peterson

This was a great story. I recommend this book if you like books set in older times. The story was interesting, as were the characters , and it kept up a good pace. There wasn’t a lot of romance, which I thought there would be going into the book, but it was still a very good read.


The Season of Silver Linings by Christine Nolfi

This book was wonderful! It had the right amount of romance and drama and was exactly what I wanted to read. Even though it’s the third book in the series and I have not read the other 2 before this one, I wasn’t lost at all. The characters are wonderful and I felt really connected to them and the story as I was reading it.

The Phantom Toll Booth.

The phantom toll booth is a funny book about a boy who takes everything in his life for granted, he gets a toll booth and travels to lands beyond, where he learns the meaning of words, and numbers. It’s a wonderful book for all ages with a lesson. It gets a bit rambling at times,  but it’s a good read, especially if you like children’s fiction.

Oh my gosh

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in foorrevver. things have been crazy. I have a lot of health issues and I’m having surgery soon, so that’s one thing, but anyway, back to books! I’ve read a lot of great books lately and I’ll get back to reviewing soon, but what are some good books you’ve read lately? I’m always looking for new books to read!